Romain Martins

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Smoldering blonde boy Romain Martins strips off his clothes showing us his beautiful peachy bubble butt and thick uncut dick.

Ripped young muscle boy Romain drops his summer shorts just a touch so we can see his ass cheeks and as he pulls them down further he releases his soft uncut cock.

Romain shaved his pubic hair region, so no hairy bush downstairs.

As he sits in the wooden chair with his legs outstretched we see his bare feet.

As Romain moves his six-pack abs ripple and flex.

He touches his soft cock and it springs to attention pointing up straight like a large rocket.

His firm balls look like they stored up a week load of cum.

As the camera pans up from his feet, we see Romain has a slightly hairy train from his crotch to his belly button.

He bends forward showing us again his tight ass cheeks.

After performing a headstand and falling over, Romain jerks his cock expertly and his breathing becomes heavy when he suddenly shoots multiple cumshots that travel vertically under pressure like a fountain.

Thank you a very sexy photoshoot video, Romain.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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