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John Magnum, Kaleb Stryker

Kaleb Stryker is desperate to hang out with his friend James but James isn’t impressed by Kaleb’s blowjob skills. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Kaleb gets left hot and bothered with a dildo to practice his…

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Kaleb Stryker, Paul Canon

Paul Canon keeps a tidy house, but his new roommate Kaleb Stryker is making that almost impossible! The horny twink won’t stop jerking off, leaving his sticky tissues all over the house. Watch FULL MOVIE…

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Kaleb Stryker, Lance Weber

When sexy brunette twink Kaleb Stryker gets jinxed by his buddy Lance Weber, he discovers a new side of his longtime friend. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Lance commands Kaleb to do a variety of menial…

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Kaleb Stryker, Ty Mitchell

College cuties Kaleb Stryker and Ty Mitchell are out in the woods making up some credits. Their only assignment? Survive a night in the woods. Watch FULL MOVIE here! The two sexy dark-haired dudes try…

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Kaleb Stryker, Scott DeMarco

Hustling twink Kaleb Stryker arrives at the door of Scott DeMarco’s hotel room to find a note with very explicit instructions from the client. Kaleb goes into the bathroom, gets into the tub and lets…

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Johnny Rapid, Kaleb Stryker

Kaleb Stryker is a ranch hand with a wild heart and a wandering eye. When he spots straight rider Johnny Rapid after a particularly impressive ride, he can’t get his mind off of him. Watch…

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