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Johnny Rapid, Cassidy Clyde

Johnny Rapid has decided that he’s going to take part in the Running Butthole Challenge, even if it means causing a hell of a ruckus in his hotel room as he repeatedly tries and fails…

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Johnny Rapid, Kaleb Stryker

Kaleb Stryker is a ranch hand with a wild heart and a wandering eye. When he spots straight rider Johnny Rapid after a particularly impressive ride, he can’t get his mind off of him. Watch…

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Colby Tucker, Johnny Rapid

Colby Tucker has been having some trouble in a rather sensitive area. When the physical therapy agency sends over Johnny Rapid instead of the woman he requested, he’s reluctant at first but once Johnny gets…

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Beaux Banks, Johnny Rapid, Justin Matthews

Blond-haired, chiseled Justin Matthews is fully immersed in the new Men Bang game, and he’s about to beat his own record! He can’t wait to receive his reward in the form of cute twink Johnny…

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Johnny Rapid, JJ Knight

Athletic hunk JJ Knight unknowingly received a surprise package in the mail from lean, fit Johnny Rapid. Watch FULL MOVIE here! He opens it up to find a Johnny Rapid action figure that soon comes…

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