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Jax Thirio, Troye Jacobs

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When Troye Jacobs gets home way past his curfew, his stepdad Jax Thirio is waiting for him on the sofa chair to punish him. Troye gets put across Jax’s knees to get a good spanking, but to get his point…

Jax Thirio, Dakota Lovell

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Hottie young dark-haired Missionary twink Dakota Lovell steps out of the shower in a bathrobe and enters Bishop Jax Thirio’s bedroom. Bishop Jax looks up from his bible and ushers young Dakota to strip off his clothes and come to…

Jax Thirio, Brandon Anderson

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Jax Thirio is desperate to relate to his stepson Levi Rhodes but he just can’t seem to remedy the generation gap. Jax asks his coworker Brandon Anderson for tips of how to fit in with the younger guys before fitting…

Jax Thirio, Tom Bentley

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Jax Thirio and Tom Bentley have tons of chemistry. They makeout and 69 before getting into some passionate fucking in this homemade gem. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Watch FULL MOVIE here! All the Next Door Studios updates right here!