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Jake Porter, Leeroy Jones

Married life keeps Jake Porter from exploring his gay fantasies as much as he’d like, but one look at handy man Leeroy Jones has Jake bulging in his pants, and he throws caution to the…

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Carter Woods, Jake Porter

Jake Porter is just kicking it on campus preparing for a test when old buddy Carter Woods happens upon him. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Jake has had a crush on Carter for as long as…

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Dante Colle, Jake Porter

Back from college for the summer, Jake Porter isn’t surprised to see his sister’s boyfriend, Dante Colle, but he is surprised at how grabby Dante is suddenly being around him. Watch FULL MOVIE here! In…

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Jake Porter, Colby Tucker

Colby Tucker’s new assistant Jake Porter may not be an incredible asset to the office culture, but the view he provides when he’s bending over backwards for the boss makes him more than worth retaining….

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Beaux Banks, Jake Porter

Beaux Banks and Jake Porter cannot get enough of each other. The sizzling chemistry between these two hunks is palpable as they kiss passionately and intensely, pressing their hard cocks together and working themselves into…

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