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Caleb Jaxon, Dalton Riley

Dalton Riley and Caleb Jaxon are hiking through the desert when they start to wrestle and get down and dirty in the middle of the dusty road. Dalton’s tight jeans come down to reveal his fat,…

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Johnny B, Dalton Riley

For step-brothers Johnny B and Dalton Riley, life is still an adjustment. Still getting used to each other’s presence since their parents married, they don’t really know that much about each other. For instance, Dalton…

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Nic Sahara, Dalton Riley

Nic Sahara strips down to his jock strap and blindfolds himself, ready to be filled by a hard cock from a mystery top. Nic’s ass is ready and he can’t wait any longer as Dalton…

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Dalton Riley, Vincent Oreilly

Dalton Riley is really excited to have some fun on set with tanned and tattooed hottie Vincent Oreilly. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Dalton describes how he got into the industry, a few of his favorite…

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Dalton Riley, Scott Finn

Suns out, buns out! That’s what Dalton Riley says. Only he didn’t figure there’d be such a hot catch sweeping the pool. But one look at Scott Finn has Dalton ready for a little poolside…

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Dalton Riley, Hoss Kado

Hoss Kado is a stud on the field, but he’s much more interested in scoring with Dalton Riley after the game. Luckily, Dalton is definitely down to kick it with Hoss, who is no stranger…

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Dalton Riley, Quin Quire

When Dalton Riley is confronted with the guy his boyfriend has been cheating with, he’s not exactly heartbroken. In fact, he can almost understand why his boyfriend would jump at the chance to sack such…

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Dalton Riley, Simon Evans

With the new year upon us, Dalton Riley has taken to cleaning out the old and exchanging it for the new, and that seems to include his significant other, as his boyfriend catches him in…

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Ty Thomas, Dalton Riley

When Ty Thomas arrives at the location given to him by the masseuse’s assistant, he never expected such swanky digs, but he has to admit it’s kind of a nice change, and when his massage…

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