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Taylor Reign, Dakota Payne

Taylor Reign, has a huge crush on his neighbor, Dakota Payne. After being invited into his house Taylor, walks upstairs while Dakota, is showering he wants an invitation to join him to get wet. Dakota,…

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Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

It’s a hot afternoon, and Dakota Payne and Logan Cross are sweaty from setting up the scaffolding for their painting project. Watch FULL MOVIE here! They decide to strip off their clothes to get more…

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Devin Franco, Steven Lee, Dakota Payne

The game ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ has come to an end when Dakota Payne, who’s boyfriend left the game because it made him jealous, runs into Devin Franco and Steven Lee who are naked in…

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Dakota Payne, Nick Fitt

After vacating yesterday’s photo shoot, Dakota Payne returns to complete his session with Nick Fitt. This time, the young model unexpectedly strips down to his birthday suit. Nick, surprised but hardly offended, did not plan…

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Colton Reece, Dakota Payne

When a group of friends decides to play an adult version of ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’, Dakota Payne pulls Colton Reece’s name from the bowl of tops. Dakota is unsure if he’s really into the…

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Nick Fitt, Colby Tucker, Dakota Payne

Cameraman Nick Fitt is amazed by the terrific photography space he has just acquired. However, it comes with a catch; some say it’s haunted, taking on a new “life” under the darkness of night. Intrigued…

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Dakota Payne, Ken Summers, Logan Rogue, Max Arion

Stepdad Logan Rogue has three boys to take care of: his oldest, Max Arion, and then the younger pair of Ken Summers and Dakota Payne. Logan already trained Max Arion how to be a good…

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