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Daniel Hausser, Lukash Saunders

Daniel Hausser is quick to get in Lukash Saunders’ pants, but that doesn’t really come as a surprise as after that sexual interview, who wouldn’t? Watch FULL MOVIE here! With some eager sucking from Daniel,…

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Jake Hurley, Lucas Maskall

These two have got something going, as Jake Hurley’s bulge moves whilst talking to Lucas Maskall. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Lucas is far from dim, and as soon as they start kissing his hand is…

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Adam Veller, Curtis Dee

After a short intro where Curtis Dee tells us about his first experience and some of his likes, the boys dive straight in kissing each other. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Adam Veller eagerly touches Curtis’…

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Adam Veller, Sam Nitvitt

With a short introduction Q&A from Adam Veller, which has made him horny and ready to fuck, Adam wastes no time and starts kissing and guiding him to what and how he likes it. Watch…

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Tyler Scott, Luce Fair

After a short confession of how Tyler Scott likes rimming, he and Luce Fair are on a bed, kissing each other and their bodies, till the point where they’re both naked and Luce is liking…

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Beno Eker, Luce Fair

It’s nice to have familiar faces come back, as is the case of Beno Eker, looking better than ever, if I may add. It goes without saying that when you’re away for a while, the…

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Joel Tamir, Jamie Jackson

These two boys definitely have something going on between them, Joel Tamir and Jamie Jackson laying on the grass in the garden is most definitely something we’d love to see if we were their neighbors….

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Steve Harris, Daniel Hausser

Some people just love hair, as is the case for Daniel Hausser, who confesses his love for long haired guys as seen in this scene, Daniel sucks and jerks Steve Harris’ cock, whilst playing with…

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Rodion Taxa, Denis Skala, Duke Forrest

Starting off in no mans land, Rodion Taxa takes a break looking into the distance in hope to find the rest of his team, unfortunately this doesn’t happen, so Denis Skala and Duke Forrest head…

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Steve Harris, Joel Tamir

After a quick introduction, Joel Tamir is quick to make this boy feel at home by soon dropping his trousers and having Steve Harris kneel to adore his bulge, it goes without saying that both…

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