Marco Blaze, Rick van Sant, Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp

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Titan Men says: Hardcore gay sex fuck fest Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp, Marco Blaze and Rick van Sant big dick anal orgy

A handsome doctor Dirk Jager would rather look at the sexy Marco Blaze than his X-rays–and one flash of his sexy smile is all it takes for the two to share an intimate kiss. With their muscular chests exposed Dirk’s hands wander to Marco’s bubble butt. Marco is able to fall to his knees to repeatedly deep throat Dirk, working up a wet mess as his cock explodes in exuberance. Dirk gives Marco an unintentional face fuck, then returns to him, revealing bulging veins in his neck as he opens wide to take Marco’s super-thick slab. Spit drips down the floor. Marco takes Dirk’s hair, and then ploughs his mouth before kissing him. Marco then bends over the exam table and opens his sex to delight Dirk. The bottom’s muscular ass ripples with every swoop of Dirk’s dick, which draws the attention of newcomers Rick van Sant (also a TitanMen exclusive) and Frank Philipp. Both of them suck each other while watching. Marco grunts with a masculine grin as he gets on Dirk’s back to take advantage of it. Rick wants to have his turn with Marco. He changes the pace by performing slow slides, but before Frank has his chance. As Dirk feeds his cock to Marco, Frank jacks off the bottom’s massive cock until it explodes into an icy splash. Frank fires a large wad of cum on Marco’s thighs, balls and thighs as well as his chest after Dirk and Rick have been spraying Marco’s chest with cum.

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