Jonah Wheeler, Ethan Tate

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Sexy young cub scout Ethan Tate’s bubble butt ravaged by horny scoutmaster Jonah Wheeler’s huge cock.

He pulls off my shirt and grabs onto my hairless body, moving behind me while still kissing me. With his big hands running down to my hardening cock, I turn around and undo his belt buckle so he can slide off his pants.

I don’t even remember my own shorts coming off, but the next thing I know, I’m pulling his already-rock-hard cock out of his underwear. Smiling while I grab it, he puts his hand on mine, and we both stroke him. I need to see what he tastes like so I slowly lick the top of his cock, tasting the bits of salty precum that leaks out of him. I’m definitely savoring the flavor of my Scoutmaster!

He pulls me in for a kiss then pushes my head back onto his cock while moaning. I start to take more and more of him inside my mouth until he’s completely buried in my throat. He’s moaning so loudly that I can tell he can’t get enough. He says to do it again, moaning even louder this time.

I think I unlocked something inside him because his eyes look hungry as he lifts me up and turns me around. He uses his cock to play with my hole through my thin white underwear. Rubbing against the fabric and forcing my ass into his throbbing cock, fueling his hunger.

He peels off my underwear and pushes me into position. He leans closer to my asshole and whispers, “Can I taste it?”


There’s nothing more I want than for him to pull my cheeks apart and start warming up my hole with his spit so he can enter me. Slowly he kisses my hole. But soon he starts to ravenously eat inside me, pulling my cheeks apart like they’re in the way, fucking my hole with his warm tongue while he strokes me.

He leans over me, DILF-cock throbbing against me saying, “Do you want it?”

Without thinking I say “Yes, sir…”

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