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Twitter has been so awash with tweets about our slut house, that sexy local newbie’s straight guys fresh from their 18th birthdays have started darin’ each other to enter our doors.

The guys who successfully make it inside, well you can see here, how much fun they’re havin’ and new travels.

Wasn’t long till this dude’s crew came in after him and he was on the phone with his buds tellin’ them to come hit this shit.

Kinda proud bout this.

We’re such fucking cum whores and sluts that guys are darin’ each other to use our holes and more young guys are heading our way. Bring them on, our aching holes can take all cummers.

We put in overtime on these guys.

I mean, if y’all going to be man enough to come in our place, then you’re gettin’ the alpha treatment.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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