Kyro Adams, Kieran Benning

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If you only want to see Kieran Benning and Kyro Adams, please skip to 3:40 as we have quite a long intro detailing the aftermath of a party in the chat house, maybe some of you will like it.

Luckily, and unlike all the other guys in the house, neither of our stars today were involved in the party, so they are fresh and horny for their scene today, which marks Kyro’s only hardcore appearance here.

Tons of hot and heavy fucking ensues as Kieran makes sure he gets the most out of his hookup with Kyro, pounding his blond, fuzzy ass until Kyro shoots all over his chest.

Kieran then does the gentlemanly thing and pulls out to feed Kyro his own thick and creamy load.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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