Viggo Sorensen, Elio Chalamet

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Sexy ripped young dudes Elio Chalamet and Viggo Sorensen wake up in bed a little bit sleepy.

Viggo is first to open his eyes and he reaches over exposing Elio’s hot muscular body reaching down to suck down hard on his morning woody.

Elio now wide awake enjoys feeling Viggo’s tongue and lips on his erect uncut dick as Viggo blows him expertly.

Viggo now moves his attention down to Elio’s hot ass, running his tongue up and down Elio’s ass cheeks.

Elio lifts his legs high up over his head giving Viggo a full face view of his hot hole.

Viggo rims Elio’s moist pink asshole getting his tongue deeper and deeper with each lick, making Elio moan loudly.

Approaching from behind, Viggo forces his super hard erection into Elio’s ass parting those ass cheeks until his balls are slapping against his bubble butt.

Viggo’s attention to fucking almost brings Elio to orgasm a number of times, before he is ready.

But he is able to resist the temptation and enjoys Viggo’s powerful fucking before Elio jumps up and takes full control.

Elio hovers over Viggo’s huge uncut cock as he slides his ass down onto it with increasing pressure loving the feeling of Viggo’s hard young meat moving deep inside his butt.

Viggo and Elio then switch positions again as they are both getting closer to cumming.

Elio shoots first, unable to control himself any longer, he lets rip with a huge stream of jizz all over his abs.

Seeing all that cum, Viggo pulls out and coats Elio’s raw ass and balls with his load.

The guys wait a moment to embrace before they head off to the shower for a hot soapy washdown.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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