Cody Seiya, Sean Cody Brysen

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Cody Seiya and Brysen get straight to undressing each other as they make out in the living room, taking each other’s shirts off and caressing one another’s fit bodies as they kiss passionately.

Lean, handsome Cody squeezes Brysen’s cock through his shorts, then gets to his knees when Brysen instructs him, “Suck that cock.”

The muscular hunk fucks Cody doggy style, facing the big mirror so they can watch their reflections as they get off.

Cody rides Brysen’s dick on the couch, and the bottom loves every second as Brysen spanks his ass, then puts him on all fours.

Brysen turns the sexy twink on his back to fuck him nice and deep as Cody strokes himself, their eye contact blazing.

Cody shoots a massive load on his abs, and Brysen adds even more, then feeds it to the hungry bottom.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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