Czech Hunter 565

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I headed out to a sports park close to the outskirts of Prague near my apartment.

I thought I would do few exercises and watch out for some cute guys working out.

I had only just arrived when I was approached by a nice smartly dressed young dude who passed by me looking inquisitive.

I caught him writing down some notes in his notepad so I decided to go after him and ask him some leading questions.

The dude worked for an electricity company and his job was to write down numbers on meters people have in their homes.

That sounded pretty boring to me, so I offered him a much better way to make cash.

He was a bit shocked at first but agreed.

The park was busy for anything serious, so we moved to my place.

The guy was straight, but he had a lot of talents.

He was even able to take my cock in his virgin ass and enjoy it.

It’s rare that guys manage to cum while having my cock inside, this dude did exactly that and had a blast.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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