Tim Campbell, Billy Montague

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Sexy ripped young hunk Tim Campbell is insatiable he just can’t get enough sex and today the lucky dude he is partnered with is hottie Billy Montague.

The naked studs start off kissing indoors near the patio doors their big uncut dicks already rock solid.

They rub their cocks together like a medieval jousting match before Billy sinks to his knees to suck down hard on Tim’s long erection.

Billy swallows the whole cock whole, gagging as it gets balls deep with him caressing the full length with his moist tongue.

Tim loves the sensation of Billy’s tongue work on his foreskin.

Then with Billy on all fours on the bed, Tim splits Billy’s ass cheeks forcing his huge uncut raw dick all the way into his tight ass hole, making Tim moan with pleasure.

Tim keeps up the bareback ass pummelling as they switch positions a number of times each time Billy’s ass gets stretched further and further as he manages to accommodate the full width and girth of Tim’s huge stiff dick.

As they fuck Tim holds Billy by the waist keeping his ass in the perfect position for his cock to slide in and out with Billy loving the feel of Tim moving inside him.

They break from the frenetic fucking so Tim can blow Billy’s thick uncut dick before they switch positions with Tim hovering in reverse cowboy, now in control and pushing his ass down hard onto Billy’s large erect cock.

Tim loves being on top as he gets to control his pleasure completely but he also tightens his ass muscles firmly around Billy’s cock bringing him almost to orgasm several times, before quickly releasing to prevent their fun ending too soon.

Unable to continue any longer, Tim jerks his dick a few times before spraying Billy’s face with a whole volley of cum shots.

Billy then pulls his dick out coating Tim’s hot hole with jizz before fucking his load back inside his freshly fucked ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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