Dan Saxon, Devin Franco

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Josh Moore is visiting Santa Cruz for the first time to see his best surfer dude friend Dan Saxon.

He’s gonna surprise him but when he gets to Dan’s beachside house he finds that he is not alone.

Josh catches a glimpse through the window of Dan and Devin Franco getting it on so he hangs around the boardwalk to wait until they are done.

Devin is Dan’s latest fuckbuddy and he can’t wait to suck down hard on some hot surfer stud cock.

He swallows Dan’s big dick whole in a deep-throated blow job session before opening his ass to that raw monster cock.

Dan bare fucks Devin’s bubble ass with all his might, pressing his cock deeper and deeper into that hot hole.

Devin receives a thorough big dick ass drilling which leaves him begging Dan to seed his load in his ass.

Dan cannot hold off too long before delivering a huge cum load in his ass before Devin jerks out his own creamy orgasm.

Both studs relax their sexual desires sated for now.

Just in time as Josh knocks on the door, Devin hits the road and the boys catch up for old time’s sake.

Josh and Dan laugh about the encounter but it is clear that they don’t agree about what love, sex, and fidelity is.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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