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William Seed, Joey Mills

Coat check guy Joey Mills is bored and the coast is clear, so he gets out his cock and starts stroking it. Joey gets so into his self-pleasure that he doesn’t even notice as William…

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William Seed, Ian Greene

Hairy hunk Ian Greene wants a nice quiet day to tan nude all alone at the beach, so he’s quick to dismiss William Seed when he asks to borrow some lotion. Undeterred, William decides to…

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William Seed, Steve Rickz

Steve Rickz meets the French foreign exchange student his family is hosting, William Seed, he wants to assist William with his tongue in a different way. William definitely understands what it means when Steve rubs…

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William Seed, Calvin Banks

Calvin Banks wants to become as strong as his sensei William Seed, but when their dojo is threatened by an agent of the nefarious Red Dojo, he’s unable to do more than take punch after…

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William Seed, Trent King

Ebony athlete Trent King isn’t sure what to expect from new soccer coach, William Seed, but he hears he’s a real hardass. When William arrives and wordlessly makes Trent and his teammate do pushups and…

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William Seed, Windom Gold

“Scorpio men are shrouded in mystery when they make love to another man, they are passionate, they are lustful, but more than anything else they are elusive. Watch FULL MOVIE here! They have impressive techniques…

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William Seed, Seth Knight

Sexy hunk Seth Knight has been having a rough day. His girlfriend broke up with him and he could use some excitement. His burly barber William Seed suggests that maybe it’s time he gave men…

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William Seed, Rocky Vallarta

Muscular hunk William Seed is out shoe shopping, and attractive, athletic Rocky Vallarta is the lucky sales clerk who gets to worship his feet. Horny Rocky licks William’s socked feet before slowly sliding them off,…

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