Jack Stewart, Dominic Moore

Two of our favourite young, straight pups are back this week, Jack Stewart and Dominic Moore. These two have similar builds; both slender and toned with smooth bodies and both with big uncut cocks.

Dominic begins by exploring Jack’s body and has his hands down Jack’s pants in no time! Jack seems to like it and has a massive erection right away and soon starts to return the favour. READ MORE

Dominic Moore, Jack Stewart

Young, straight and smooth 18 year old Jack Stewart is back for his first ever man wank and massage – and I made sure his most important 7.5 inch long muscle got a right good seeing to.

Jack has let his pubic hair grow since his last shoot and he has managed to grow a demi-bush, the longest he’s ever had it! Well done Jack, we love to see you with natural hair. But seeing as Jack likes it shorter, I offered to trim it back for him on camera. READ MORE

Jack Stewart

Jack Stewart is a straight young lad, lean, tanned and handsome he seems to enjoy showing off his body, he strips off and is quickly hard, he films some of his wanking himself, birds eye view, he has a nice thick uncut cock.

He lies on his back too and shows off his ass, pulling his legs up, and wanking with his legs up too, before tensing himself and shooting a thick load on himself. READ MORE

Jack Stewart

Jack Stewart is a young straight man who is very comfortable taking off his clothes and what a great body, tall and lean and just back from holiday he is really tanned with a lovely peachy white bum.

He enjoys his shoot showing off his big uncut cock and puts on a great show letting us see his almost hair free hole. After all this messing with his cock he lies back and shoots a nice load of cum. READ MORE