Tag: Dominic Moore

  • Danny Davis, Dominic Moore

    Young, straight and lean footballer Danny Davis is back this week for his first ever man suck and we’ve chosen the naughtiest boy we know to help break him in, […]

  • Marco Braid, Dominic Moore

    Marco Braid and Dominic Moore are back and this photo set is coming on line later than the order we filmed his series and should have come online before the […]

  • Dominic Moore, William Harrison

    William Harrison is a tall strong strapping lad, handsome and muscular; he’s a keen rugby player. The exhibitionist in him is up for another man to play with his huge […]

  • Charlie Henshaw, Dominic Moore

    The last time we saw the young, straight and extremely horny Charlie Henshaw he was wanking a guy off for the first time. This week he’s back, hornier than ever, […]

  • Dominic Moore, Marco Braid

    A day of many firsts for young straight and handsome lad Marco Braid as he experiences his first man wank and man suck, all in the same shoot! And it’s […]

  • Tom Lawson, Dominic Moore

    Tom Lawson is back for a new stage of his development, he made quite an impression last time letting his cock be massaged and today he is with confident and […]

  • Dominic Moore, Finn Wright

    Straight, hunky lad Finn Wright is paired with young, flirty pup Dominic Moore and these two hit it off really well. The handsome duo have a naturally playful chemistry together […]

  • Dominic Moore, Jack Stewart

    Young, straight and smooth 18 year old Jack Stewart is back for his first ever man wank and massage – and I made sure his most important 7.5 inch long […]

  • Dominic Moore, Marco Braid

    Young, slender and incredibly smooth Marco Braid is back for his first ever man handling. It doesn’t take long before Marco is oiled up and I’m rubbing his ripped body, […]

  • Jack Montague, Dominic Moore

    Not sure who is out their comfort zone the most today; Jack Montague had a massage in his last shoot, Dominic Moore was by himself. Today they are both great […]

  • Dominic Moore, Henry Kane

    Henry Kane has come a long way recently, and Dominic Moore is the lad who progresses him further, relaxing guys like no one else does! The guys are both fit […]

  • Hunter Hay, Dominic Moore

    Dominic Moore is getting a reputation for relaxing the straight lads, and gets to play with them too, what a great deal. Hunter Hay is a good looking lad, handsome, […]

  • Hunter Hay, Dominic Moore

    Young ripped straight muscle pups Dominic Moore and Hunter Hay wank each others big uncut cocks. These straight boys have no qualms about getting their filthy mitts on each others’ […]

  • Dominic Moore, David Kolar

    David Kolar is a very fit, muscular lad with a body which is very well developed for his age. Handsome, blond, fit body, big uncut cock, he’s a fit for […]

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