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Cristiano, Kenzo Alvarez

Hottie Latino big muscle stud Kenzo Alvarez’s massive dick barebacking hot young dude Cristiano. Kenzo’s naked sunbathing is interrupted by his sister and her BF Christiano, and although she tells him to cover up, the curious straight guy clearly wants…

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Cristiano, Finn Harding

Sexy ripped hottie Finn Harding is by the grill when he spots his super sexy young neighbor Cristiano through the window. He’s pulling up his t-shirt and massaging his arms, legs, and defined chest with a vibrating massage gun. Still…

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Cristiano, Johnny Ford

Curly-haired twink Cristiano and his buddy Hatler are super hot… and the weather is sweltering too. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so they hop a fence and strip down to their skivvies to sneak into a neighbor’s pool. When…

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