Hayden Green, Craig Bronson

Craig Bronson and Hayden Green have been friends for the past two years yet neither of them had even seen the other one naked yet alone wanked off another guy before, so this was definitely an adventurous step in their friendship when they agreed to make the other one cum on camera.

Both lads have smooth and hit the gym regularly to have muscular bodies with some nice tattoos too. READ MORE

Craig Bronson

Craig Bronson has come a long way since we first met and this week he’s back for a massage. Craig’s young sexy body is looking really ripped with his blond hair and light blond body fuzz.

I start by massaging Craig’s chest and abs before flipping him over and getting the knots out of his legs still tight from the gym! Once his boxers are off we get a great view of his light blond fuzzy hole as I spread his legs apart. READ MORE

Craig Bronson

Craig Bronson is a young man who works as a personal trainer and plays football so his body is in great shape, he has big shoulders and a narrow waist.

When he drops his boxers you can enjoy that other big muscle; Craig has a big uncut cock and it rises up and stays rock hard throughout the shoot until he makes a nice mess on his and abs cumming and shaking with pleasure. Well done Craig. READ MORE