Charlie Pattinson, Cayden Stone

When Cayden Stone signed up for this class, he thought he’d gain a new appreciation for fine works of art, but seeing model Charlie Pattinson disrobed before him as suddenly prompted him to find real inspiration.

Charlie models for the money but finding a quick hookup is always a nice bonus. He can sense the chemistry between the two of them and tells Cayden to meet him after the class out behind the maintenance building.

But as they sneak a fuck before anyone busts them, they should beware: prying eyes are spying, and jealousy is in the air. read more

Scott Finn, Charlie Pattinson

It seems Scott Finn’s hard work has finally paid off, as boss man Charlie Pattinson calls him into the office for a meeting. Charlie tells him there’s good news, and good news. The good news is that Scott will be getting the promotion he’s been seeking.

The other good news is that this promotion will have him working directly under Charlie from here on out. Scott nods, but as his boss draws nearer and begins to unbutton his shirt, Scott realizes that Charlie means ‘under’ in a literal sense. read more

Charlie Pattinson, Dante Colle

Dante Colle is feeling pretty low on his anniversary, but luckily for him, good friend Charlie Pattinson is around to console him on this most auspicious day.

Dante is reeling from the break up, and he’s feeling it more than ever today, but Charlie is already on the way over to make sure Dante isn’t spending this anniversary alone.

When he arrives, Dante asks what he has in mind, and Charlie tells him they should spend the anniversary the way they are supposed to be spent.

Smiling, he leads him back to the bedroom and lays him down, then proceeds to give Dante a fuck he won’t soon forget, and one that makes it hard for him to remember why he was even sad in the first place. read more

Charlie Pattinson’s huge dick probes the depths of Michael Del Ray’ smooth bubble ass

Sexy young stud Charlie Pattinson has quite an online following for his POV homemade gay porn. He can’t wait to meet his new guest shag Michael Del Ray Charlie has been a fan of Michaels’ since his very first gay porn movie at Next Door Studios (here).

As soon as they meet dark haired hunk Michael drops to his knees taking the full length of Charlie’s thick dick. All the while Charlie films with his iPhone.  Charlie admires Michael’s tight undies and scans his camera up and down Michael’s lovely smooth body. His camera lens hovers above his bulging crotch ready to release Michael’s already erect dick. read more