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Woody Fox, Max Adonis

When Woody Fox starts his new job writing about consumer products, he’s in for a big surprise when he discovers the products are actually sex toys. He immediately calls his buddy, Max Adonis, to help…

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Frankie Foster

Frankie Foster is a hot and muscled guy, a person trainer, he would make your head turn at the gym. He’s tall, broad, tanned, got an incredible upper body, muscular and fit, this guy looks…

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Toni Filip

Toni Filip did a shoot for our sister website (here) about a month ago and since then he has been busy at the gym and has managed to gain 4kg’s of muscle in that time…

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Henry Kane, Ryan Kent

We haven’t seen Henry Kane for a while, he was the least sure of the himself and Ryan Kent about doing this next step; the idea of a cock going in his mouth seemed too…

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Dylan Anderson, Brock Matthews

It’s been a super busy year of matching up our hot mates for new photo shoots and videos. And with so many guys wanting to come back for more I have produced a tonne of…

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Hunter Hay, Dominic Moore

Young ripped straight muscle pups Dominic Moore and Hunter Hay wank each others big uncut cocks. These straight boys have no qualms about getting their filthy mitts on each others’ rock hard dicks. Let’s see…

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Zach Country, Damien Stone, Vadim Black, Brandon Evans and Blaze Austin

The boys are being sent off to war, but not before one last hot and sexy romp. Slender Zach Country, beefy Damien Stone, chiseled Vadim Black, fit Brandon Evans and muscular Blaze Austin partake in…

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Josh and Blake

Muscular cutie Josh is battling his nerves as he mentally prepares to get it on with chiseled hottie Blake. It will be the first time he’s slept with another man without his current boyfriend being…

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Nikko Russo, Theo Ross

Tattooed cutie Theo Ross just wants to get his dick wet, but his roommate slender Nikko Russo really isn’t having it. Muscular Theo devises a plan and purchases a 3D dildo sex doll so he…

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Nikko Russo, Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox is giving Nikko Russo a quick tour of his house. When the tour finishes in the bedroom, Skyy offers to take some sexy photos of Nikko for his dating apps. When Nikko pulls…

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