Julian Bell, Dylan Hayes

Just looking for a quiet place to rub one out, Julian Bell is horrified to discover he’s being spied on by the biggest mouth in the neighborhood, but Dylan Hayes promises he won’t tell. Watch…

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Nigel March, Donnie Argento, Anthoni Hardie

During the Stallions game Anthoni Hardie slips into the locker room to sniff the team’s dirty jocks. Watch FULL MOVIE here! He hits the mother lode when he finds a laundry bin stuffed to the…

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Skyy Knox, Josh Moore

Josh Moore is lying asleep on the bed when he wakes up to find Skyy Knox waiting for him with a fresh cup of coffee. After a quick sip, Skyy gets to work putting Josh’s…

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Jake Porter, Leeroy Jones

Married life keeps Jake Porter from exploring his gay fantasies as much as he’d like, but one look at handy man Leeroy Jones has Jake bulging in his pants, and he throws caution to the…

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Jack Stewart

Motorsport racer Jack Stewart is back this week and has agreed to allow me to wank his huge and rock-hard uncut cock. Jack isn’t shy and has his big uncut one out in less than…

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Liam Smith

Liam Smith – Footballer – Lean and Toned Footballer Liam Shows off his Ball Trick, Age: 18 years old / Height: 6’1″ / Chest: 38″ / Waist: 30″ / Weight: 76kg / Straight. See hottie…

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Wesley Woods, Zario Travezz

Wesley Woods is paying a visit to his favorite nephew Zario Travezz. Watch FULL MOVIE here! It’s been a while since the two have seen each other, so they are both horny. Seizing the opportunity,…

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Alexander Garrett, Aston Springs

Aston Springs is back in his quest for big cock and this time he finds Alexander Garrett in the shower and sees that he is very hung. Watch FULL MOVIE here! When they get back…

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Charlie Pattinson, Dante Colle, Steve Rickz

For Charlie Pattinson and Dante Colle, either fortune is on their side or they really are just a pair of step-brothers who are hot enough to fuck anyone they want, but whatever the case may…

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Skyy Knox, Logan Styles

Skyy Knox and Logan Styles are lounging in bed when Logan pulls back the covers to reveal his raging hard-on that’s bulging through his undies. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Skyy’s mouth begins to water and…

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Dakota Payne, Logan Cross

It’s a hot afternoon, and Dakota Payne and Logan Cross are sweaty from setting up the scaffolding for their painting project. Watch FULL MOVIE here! They decide to strip off their clothes to get more…

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Hayden Green, Dominic Moore

Young, muscular footballer Hayden Green returns this week and is in the hands of big Dominic Moore who starts off by stripping Hayden and enjoying his big biceps and muscular body and it isn’t long…

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Beno Eker, Luce Fair

It’s nice to have familiar faces come back, as is the case of Beno Eker, looking better than ever, if I may add. It goes without saying that when you’re away for a while, the…

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Donte Thick, Brock Kniles

Brock Kniles is no stranger to the occasional incident at the job you do it long enough and you’re bound to see just about everything once but he’s never had any training to deal with…

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Xavier Cole

Xavier Cole thinks he has what it takes to get into the adult industry. Watch FULL MOVIE here! He is a very good looking young man who spends quality time at the gym and in…

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Daniel Hausser, Jackson Wright

For some, like Jackson Wright, there is nothing like a warm, luxurious bath to relieve stress and release the pressure. Watch FULL MOVIE here! For others, like Daniel Hausser, fuck the bath, there is nothing…

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Paul Canon, Blake Ryder

In an effort to spice up the ratings for his cooking show “Hungry Holes”, Chef Blake Ryder introduces a new segment of signature cocktails, heavy on the cock. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Blake needs a…

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Lucas Wright

Young, straight and muscular rugby lad Lucas Wright is back this week for his first-ever manhandling. Lucas is one of these laid back, confident young lads with an amazing body and isn’t afraid to show…

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Czech Hunter 468

I wasn’t sure about this guy at first. He looked very shy and innocent… Nothing ventured, nothing gained I told myself and approached him. Watch FULL MOVIE here! He was not from Prague and looked…

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Sean Cody Jax, Sean Cody Manny

Tall Jax and tanned Manny run through the surf on a gorgeous day at the beach, flexing and riding their skimboards before getting some privacy so they can ride each other. Watch FULL MOVIE here!…

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Calvin Banks, Marcus Young

Meet Marcus Young, eager newcomer making his Cockyboys debut in a condom-free scene with Calvin Banks. Watch FULL MOVIE here! Dominant top Calvin is just his type and Marcus is ready to please him …starting…

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Ian Levine, Bama Romello

We’ve gone just about everywhere in our quest to pick up straight guys and make them do naughty things, but today my favorite nympho Jasmine has a new idea for where to find horny dudes:…

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