• Jack Harper, Frankie Foster

    Straight and muscular Frankie Foster experiences wanking his first man, and it’s young lad Jack Harper and his big uncut cock he gets to play with! Jack begins by stripping […]

  • Jerry Manson, Henry Kane

    Jerry Manson brought his cousin, Henry Kane, along for his photo shoot and the boys have way too much fun together, Jerry is stripped naked by his cousin Henry and […]

  • Joel Jenkins, Brad Askew

    Tall, built and muscular Joel Jenkins is back. Brad Askew who was in the photoshoot has gone travelling so today Joel is with hairy lad Ryan. The boys take it […]

  • Charles Collins

    Charles Collins, a ripped martial arts specialist, makes his first appearance in front of my camera and he was as relaxed and confident on camera as he is behind the […]

  • Carter Jones

    Mountain bike rider Carter Jones is in front of my camera this week after his friend and former English Lads model Deano recommended him. He’s a young, straight and an […]

  • Ryan Collins

    Ryan Collins is tall and lean, plays football and works as a personal trainer, so his body is a great balance of muscle size and definition and when naked you […]

  • Will Addison

    Young, hunky and very hairy Will Addison is back and has by request let his hair grow out even more! He loves to flex his muscles after working hard at […]

  • Joe Fitzpatrick

    Joe Fitzpatrick is a fit young man who works in fitness as a personal trainer and enjoys mixed martial arts, all this sport has crafted those great shoulders and strong […]

  • Jack Harper, Frankie Foster

    These lads are quite opposites, Jack Harper is tall and lean and about 78 kgs and Frankie Foster is shorter with big muscles and about 92kgs. Though they both are […]

  • Martin Aspey

    Most young men who play rugby seem to enjoy being naked and Martin Aspey is no exception, one of these young men relaxed about showing off his body and once […]

  • Chris Little, Albie Wicks

    Albie Wicks is right up for a devious session and who better to bring out his devious side than naughty Chris Little. The two lads are straight at it, with […]

  • James Harrison

    James Harrison is back to pump his ass with a bigger dildo and boy does it seem to touch the spot. He is like a rod of iron from the […]

  • Joel Jenkins, Caspar Hamilton

    These two straight lads Joel Jenkins and Caspar Hamilton are two pretty well hung guys, and it’s great to see them strip off and manhandle each other, soon they have […]

  • Joel Jenkins, Brad Askew

    Straight young pup Brad Askew wanks his 1st man and big Joel Jenkins’ uncut cock responds and squirts! See straight dudes Brad Askew and Joel Jenkins mutual wank session here! […]

  • Joe Appleton

    Young lad Joe Appleton is a fit young lad who plays a lot of sport, and is very lean as a result, he’s not shy in showing off his body, […]

  • Charles Collins

    Charles Collins is a sporty young man who trains hard for his sport Muay Thai. All that exercise clearly has created a gorgeous ripped physique. He strips into his boxers […]

  • Finlay Thomas

    Finlay Thomas is a super easy laid back lad, a gentle giant who is just over 6’1 so he is tall and lean with nice muscle definition and with baby […]

  • Carter Jones

    Carter Jones is brand new to modelling recently 19 years old he is a bundle of energy, he works in a bar and plays on his motor cross scrambler and […]

  • Jack Harper, Finn Wright

    Finn Wright and Jack Harper are two straight lads who seem very relaxed in each other’s company, both young guys they’re up for a bit of experimenting, and soon are […]

  • Chris Little, Luke McCormick

    It is great to see Luke McCormick go so far today and not only get a cock up his ass for the first time, but do it so well. He […]

  • Noah Goulding

    Noah Goulding is a strapping guy. Tall, blond, handsome and muscular, this guy is a natural athlete, the sort of body that turns heads. His body is smooth and well […]

  • Otto Davies

    Young athlete Otto Davies is all hormones and really enjoys getting naked and showing off his tall and lean nicely muscled body, when he gets naked you have to admire […]

  • Will Addison

    Will Addison is an athletic young man who has discovered it can be quite liberating to strip and wank on camera! He has a hairy body and even more hairy […]

  • Jack Stewart, Marco Braid

    Bestie straight friends Jack Stewart and Marco Braid manage to put on quite a show, having seen each other nude before their horseplay sporting around was a whole lot of […]

  • Frankie Foster

    Frankie Foster is a tall straight muscular lad, with gorgeous looks he’s a real hunk with blonde and and impressive physique that shows off how sporty the guy is. His […]

  • Joe Appleton

    Joe Appleton is a young man with a physical job as a builder and in the evening he runs and plays football and as a result he is lean and […]

  • James Harrison

    James Harrison is back to show off his skills at pumping his hole; it’s a hot day in London and James is soon naked sliding up his favourite purple dildo; […]

  • Finn Wright

    Finn Wright is a young man with a great body, for years he has played lots of football and with some working out at the gym he has crafted a […]

  • Jack Harper, Finn Wright

    Straight hunk Finn Wright’s first manhandling and he wanks Jack Harper’s big uncut cock. How two real straight dudes get gay friendly as soon as they both strip naked. It’s […]

  • Otto Davies

    Otto Davies is a young man who at just eighteen has a great physique, many years of rugby and athletics has given him great muscles and such great definition. He […]