Henry Kane, Danny Davis

Straight young footballer Danny Davis is back this week with extremely ripped climber Henry Kane.

Danny has come along way on his adventure and this hot duo are straight away wanking each other’s big uncut cocks and Danny takes the lead to sucking Henry’s massive erection.

Henry soon returns the favour and the boys end up 69’ing.

There’s plenty of spanking and ass showing in this shoot to see Danny’s smooth hole and pert bum and Henry’s hairy, muscular bum.

Well done boys, you are both natural wankers and suckers judging by each others massive hard-ons. read more

David Kolar, Dominic Moore

David Kolar is back in London after a few months away and today he agreed to let me push his boundaries and he lets Dominic Moore give him a good body massage.

Before you know it David’s big thick uncut cock is in Dom’s hands who gives it a right good wanking before showing us David hole, surrounded by a load of blond fuzz.

Quite unplanned Dom asks David if he can suck his cock, after a short pause, he replies yes and Dom doesn’t wait long before he does a great job at practising some more cock sucking! read more

Jack Stewart, Dominic Moore

Two of our favourite young, straight pups are back this week, Jack Stewart and Dominic Moore. These two have similar builds; both slender and toned with smooth bodies and both with big uncut cocks.

Dominic begins by exploring Jack’s body and has his hands down Jack’s pants in no time! Jack seems to like it and has a massive erection right away and soon starts to return the favour.

The hot duo wank each other’s huge, uncut cocks and do a great job of showing off each other’s holes, Jack’s slightly fuzzier one and Dom’s smooth hole! On their backs, Dominic shoot his enormous load first covering himself, followed by Jack who squirts all over himself too. read more

Pierce Paris, Cassidy Clyde

After a human resources recruiter sends the wrong person in for an appointment, the CEO (Pierce Paris) is in for a highly unusual interview.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Rent boy Cassidy Clyde thinks he’s been hired to do a lot more than talk to Pierce and immediately starts putting the moves on the buttoned-down office hunk.

Pierce tries to push through with the interview, but before long he can’t resist Cassidy’s sweet ass. Pierce rims him before he fucks him on the desk, working out his corporate angst on the twink’s tight hole. read more

Dan Broughton, Cory Burns

Part 1: This is one of those photo shoots of Cory Burns that was lost when a drive failed back in about 2013 and it was re-shot as the cost of recovery back then was a lot higher than today.

Recently I paid for the data to be recovered, a few Fit Young Men sets and a couple of EL sets can now come online.

This was Cory’s first EL shoot and as you can see his trademark erect uncut cock comes out hard and then stays erect. He shows off his very muscular rugby players body and ends in a great mess with cum firing all over his abs, well done Cory. read more

Flynn Peacock

Young, straight and very adventurous Australian pup Flynn Peacock is back this week for his first ever manhandling. Flynn has a massive 8 inch long and 6 inch thick uncut cock and loves to show it off.

I begin by oiling Flynn up and massaging his chest and abs before flipping him over to give his glutes and legs a good rub down. Once Flynn’s underwear is off, his huge uncut one goes straight up and I wank his rock hard erection.

After some self filming and plenty of wanking, Flynn shows off his smooth, tight hole before he lies back for me to power wank him to climax, and wow. Flynn squirts a huge load over himself and covering my hand. Great stuff Flynn. read more

Liam Cullen, Jack Harper

This is one of those shoots where both models are on an adventure and straight lad Jack Harper suck his first cock and Liam Cullen wanks his first cock and gets his first man blow.

Two confident straight men who have no issues playing on camera; their uncut cocks get nice and hard and they enjoy wanking off each other and for his first time Jack does a great job at sucking cock.

Liam is also happy to get a blow job from a man for the first time and looks great with a both his and Jack’s cock in his hands. read more

Ryan Kent, Tom Lawson

We haven’t seen both Tom Lawson and Ryan Kent for some time and today both these hairy hunks have a great time playing with each other uncut cocks.

Tom as usual gets very hard very quick and his massive uncut cock stays rock hard all shoot.

Ryan’s cock rises up and he stays erect, some great hairy hole shots and all ends in a right mess, Tom cums first with Ryan wanking him and shoots a very big and intense cum shot; Ryan then cums and a minute later Tom cums again.

Horny straight lads don’t we love them. This is just a photo set and no video currently exists. read more

Craig Bronson

Craig Bronson has come a long way since we first met and this week he’s back for a massage. Craig’s young sexy body is looking really ripped with his blond hair and light blond body fuzz.

I start by massaging Craig’s chest and abs before flipping him over and getting the knots out of his legs still tight from the gym! Once his boxers are off we get a great view of his light blond fuzzy hole as I spread his legs apart.

Craig’s got naturally huge balls and before long his cock is massive too and I pump his big uncut one, Craig uses his free hands to do some self-filming. After some more bum show in doggie and as Craig nears to climax, his body tenses and balls get even tighter as he shoots a big load all over himself. read more

Christian Sterling

Young, straight and muscular blond Christian Sterling is back in front of my camera and he’s more relaxed than ever. Christian has huge quads, big arms and is all round muscular and well built from regularly hitting the gym but his biggest asset is his 9+ inch, uncut cock.

Christian slowly teases his huge cock, which is already 6 inches when soft, to a massive erection. His balls are tight and smooth and his hole has just a little fuzz.

After wanking in many positions, Christians brings himself to climax and squirts all over himself and I then follow him into the shower as he washes off. Great shoot, we’re looking forward to having you back. read more