Max Romano, Logan Cross

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Twink Top says: Sexy young boy Logan Cross’s huge twink dick fucking coach Max Romano’s bubble butt.

Logan gripped the seat cushions of the couch as Coach Romano gave the sweetest head the happy twink had experienced in a while. Young Logan was wild for his coach and all of the extra care and attention paid to him. However, he was ready to demonstrate for Coach Romano all that he had learned and experienced—on Coach himself!

The hot twink quickly pulled all of Coach Romano’s clothes off and went to work on the grizzled daddy’s massive erection. The masculine DILF coach enjoyed this greatly, and he would allow the eager athlete to attend to this aching hard-on for as long as he liked. But, there was something else Coach Romano wanted even more…

So he took charge. Coach Romano pushed Logan back onto the couch and sat right down on the boy’s throbbing erection! The excited twink smiled wide and marveled at the way the hairy, thick DILF rode his cock.

The longer the sweet-faced twink fucked his coach like this, the more desperate he became to get Romano onto his back and really plow into him. As though Coach Romano could read Logan’s mind, he disengaged from the boy’s cock—just long enough to lay down and pull his legs back.

Coach Romano was incredibly flexible. This was a truly incredible sight to Logan, one of which the twink took advantage of immediately. And he wanted oh so much more, but he knew, at the pace he was going, that he wouldn’t last much longer. The experienced coach sensed this almost immediately, and so began to stroke his aching cock in time to the nearly delirious twink’s power thrusts.

Logan wanted for his irresistibly sexy coach to climax at the same time as he did. As the student-athlete and coach got further and further in sync, they found a rhythm that worked for them both. The sound of their hips colliding filled the office. And then, soon, their cries of pleasure.

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