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If you’ve ever visited Puerto Vallarta then you will know that it is a gay destination for sun, sea, and hot sex.

So what do gay men do on their first day in the resort, well many hit the beach for getting that all-over glowing suntan.

Devy, Kyle, and Liam are in their super tight tiny swimsuits and ready for the sun as they run on the sand, oil each other up, and pose in front of the ocean.

The guys do a little shopping and feed each other chips and guac at a restaurant, then head back to the Sean Cody vacation house, where they start a threesome in the living room.

These hunks suck each other’s cocks and Kyle giggles with glee as Liam sucks his cock and Devy tongues his hole at the same time before he gets spit-roasted.

Then it’s Liam’s turn as he rides Kyle and gets his cock sucked by Devy, before getting pounded doggy style by Devy as he swallows Kyle’s dick.

Then Kyle gets to be in the middle as he rides Devy on the floor and Liam sits on his pole.

“Oh yeah, get that dick,” Kyle moans.

Liam gets Devy’s hot load all over his face as he cums while Kyle fucks him missionary, then Kyle gives the bearded hunk another facial.

Meanwhile, things are getting hot outside as JC and Josh find a quiet spot on the beach to make out before they hook up in the shower and JC swallows Josh’s load.

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