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I was out and about the other day and found a nice quiet spot next to the Sazava river, ideal for a cool summertime chill and recharge session.

Hard to believe on such a lovely day but there was nobody around.

At first, I was quite disappointed as I was feeling super horny and was hoping against hope that I would find a cute straight guy to fuck.

Before my excitement could fade away, I noticed a lonely guy sunbathing in the nude close to the riverbank.

I had to get closer to get a better look at him, but I got busted as he asked me what the hell I was up to.

OMG, this cutie almost called cops on me.

It was all a bit embarrassing.

Thankfully my pockets were stuffed with cash, so we quickly came to a joint resolution of the situation.

I managed to persuade him that I was just a guy looking for a horny encounter, not some perverted stalker.

Well, my new friend wasn’t exactly over the moon about my offers but kept taking the money.

This straight guy genuinely tried to please me and almost looked like he was having fun.

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