Aldo Belucci, Roald Ekberg

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Dark-haired sexy young stud Aldo Belucci reaches until his sweet moist lips connect with ripped hottie blonde dude Roald Ekberg as they make out, kissing passionately.

Aldo’s hand spread out to massage and caress Roald’s strong muscular body.

Roald’s huge thick uncut dick is already sporting a massive erection, Aldo opens his mouth wide as he envelopes Roald’s cock right to the base, before pulling back until his cockhead is on the tip of his tongue.

With Aldo bent over, focused on pleasuring his hot young man, Roald checks out Roald’s smooth bubble butt which looks so peachy in his Andrew Christian jockstrap.

Roald stretches rubbing his finger between Aldo’s bubble butt ass cheeks until he finds the spot and probes inside getting him ready for the next stage of the seduction.

But we are in for a bit of a shock as it is not expert bottom Aldo who will be giving out today but the blonde horny top who will be taking Aldo’s thick long cock.

The sexy boys switch positions now with Roald blowing Aldo getting his cock nice and wet, ready for his hot tight raw ass hole.

Roald then braces in a standing missionary position, sticking his ass, out towards Aldo, who then forces his huge young uncut dick into Roald’s waiting hole.

The pace starts off slowly before Aldo slowly increases the rhythm with his thick dick disappearing inside Roald’s ass before reappearing as Roald moans loudly with every stroke.

A quick change with Roald on his back with his legs in the air exposing his hole, as Aldo pummels the young bottom boy for all he is worth.

Roald is struggling to keep himself in control, but he can’t hold off much longer as he feels every inch of Aldo’s hard erection moving inside him.

With Aldo’s cock still power fucking his asshole, Roald loses the fight and erupts in a massive cum explosion, jizzing all over his six-pack abs with hot cum dripping everywhere.

Aldo licks up the creamy mess and cleans Roald’s dick with his tongue swallowing his load.

Then Aldo points his cock in Roald’s face and orgasms spraying powerful jets of semen all over his friend’s face, giving him a huge cum facial.

Finally, the exhausted young dudes touch lips for a creamy cummy kiss. OMG so hot!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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