CzechHunter 620

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It was a beautiful day, so I went on a trip.

My plan was to look for hot hikers willing to have outdoor sex.

The first spot I tried was a lookout tower surrounded by forests.

To my surprise, I didn’t find any tourists there, only a young man collecting the entry fee at the entrance.

Well, he was good-looking so why not try my luck?

Money worked great. He showed me the tower and then gave me a blowjob right at the top.

Thank God there were no people around. Still, I was a bit afraid to fuck him in the open like that, so we moved in the forest.

The guy was nicely lean and had a pretty big cock.

Also, his ass looked incredibly tasty.

I let him take a good long suck of my horny boner first.

He claimed to be straight, but he felt experienced.

His butt definitely took my cock easier than expected.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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