Manuel Skye, Craig Marks

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Manuel Skye, Head of Management, is done working and makes a call home to let them know he’ll soon be on his way to start enjoying the holiday break.

On his way out, he notices his most recent employee (and newest Menatplay stud), Craig Marks, is still at the office working.

Craig confesses that since moving to the city just a few months ago, he hasn’t had time to meet many friends and has no family nearby; so he prefers to stay and work through the holidays.

Manuel feels pity for his subordinate and decides to give him the gift (a pocket handkerchief and pair of cufflinks) he had planned on giving him after his employment probation.

The combination of the gift from his boss, the loneliness, and the Holiday spirit make Craig lose self-control and he kisses his boss.

This is definitely not professional behavior, but this is Menatplay and Manuel’s not going to let this opportunity slip by.

It’s time to get down to real business.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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