Kyle Polaski, Finn Harper

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I think it’s safe to say that if young and handsome Finn Harper wanted to enjoy your ass you wouldn’t need to pause to think about it.

Young blond twink Kyle Polaski doesn’t need to ponder the suggestion for long in this new BoyFun video.

Finn is relaxing in the bedroom and slowly wanking his hard uncut cock while he thinks about something super horny.

For a few moments, he’s unaware of the curious gaze of the blond boy standing in the doorway and enjoying the display, groping his own swelling cock in his shorts.

The moment their eyes meet Finn is inviting his pal to come and taste it.

Kyle rushes in and gobbles the delicious penis, lustfully gorging on the stunning cock while Finn gently humps his hips and fucks his mouth.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the handsome boy is soon eager to get a taste of Kyle’s long erection. The moment the hard dong is revealed he’s slurping his pal.

He looks even more handsome with a hard cock between his lips.

With a little fingering of his buddy’s snug pucker, Finn is ready to make use of that hole, and you can bet blond boy Kyle is more than willing.

In moments the warm bareback inches are sliding in for a spooning fuck, but things only get hotter when Kyle takes control and rides his friend, his own pink penis and heavy balls bouncing and swinging with every thrust of his cheeks up and down on the huge, tanned boner.

It’s the deeper thrusts Finn delivers with the twink on his back that finally has Kyle splashing his cream over his smooth abs, but the final cum spurts from Finn’s erupting member are what will likely have you blasting out your own milky mess.

Kyle loves the taste of that fresh semen.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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