CzechHunter 568

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The weather had been horrid and cold so I decided to book a health spa day for a bit of a treat.

The thought of the warm baths just made me feel kind of sexy.

I loaded up my hidden camera as I stepped inside, only to be confronted with a sign saying closed.

There was only one person around at the time and he was cute, he was doing the gardening.

Luckily he had the keys to the locked building and after a quick chat, he invited me inside.

The guy was only 23 years old and really cute.

He was a bit grumpy at first but as soon as I gave him some cash, he became much easier.

It was raining and the poor dude was freezing outside, taking care of the garden… a quick break in a hot tub had to be very tempting.

So, I got myself a friend for a few Crowns and he took good care of me.

Hot tub sex with a young and manly gardener… it was almost like in a romantic movie.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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