Sean Cody Tanner, Sean Cody Shaw

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In the car to the studio Tanner is excited that he gets to partner with Shaw.

They both admit that they had jerked off this morning thinking of their meeting in the afternoon. Shaw is up for trying something new and he announces that he will bottom for Tanner.

Tanner’s already erect cock is tenting his shorts as Shaw pulls them down hard, Tanner cock springs up and down till it is pointing straight up like a rocket.

Shaw’s lips envelopes Tanner’s solid dick as he sucks it right to the back of his throat, gagging when his balls are at his chin.

Shaw shoves his bare cock deep into Tanner’s bubble butt asshole. Pumping the hairy-chested young stud full of his hard raw dick.

Both muscle boys moan with delight as Tanner’s ass takes a pummelling.

Then the boys switch it up and now it is Shaw’s turn to take Tanner’s dick.

Tanner starts off slow, rimming Shaw’s asshole getting it nice and lubed.

Shaw’s face is a picture a mix of dogged determination and concentration as Tanner’s cock goes in, slow at first.

Once he is all the way in, Tanner picks up speed power fucking him with all his might, getting his cock all the way in, balls deep.

Shaw relaxes and enjoys the hardcore barebacking with his leg in the air.

With Tanner’s dick in his ass, Shaw explodes with spurts of cum all over his abs and chest.

Seeing this Tanner pulls out and sprays them both with his jizz. Then he fucks the cum back inside Shaw’s well-fucked hole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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