Wrex Wylde, Tony Orlando

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Wrex Wylde sucks down hard on Tony Orlando’s thick dick.

Tony wants his hot hole wrecked.

After sucking Tony’s cock, Wrex focuses his attention on Tony’s hole.

Wrex pushes him forward, working his hands into Tony’s tight ass, splitting his ass cheeks getting in hard and deep.

Tony relaxes breathing deeply as Wrex first fist enters his hole and the fist fucking begins.

Tony’s hole needs a quick break so Wrex shoves his cock in Tony’s throat and fucks his face.

When Tony is ready to get boxed again, he lays back and strokes his cock while Wrex works out his hole with his fists.

Holding his legs up to give Wrex total access, Tony gets his hole gaped by Wrex’s fists and raw cock.

Tony’s hole is spent as he strokes his load out onto his cock.

Wrex sees Tony’s warm load and laps up every last drop to finish him off.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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