CzechHunter 540

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Today I got to see something very interesting while I was out searching for guys.

I headed to the outskirts of Prague visiting a lovely historic castle.

I had planned to have a good guided tour but I had to cancel those plans when I bumped into a cute dude as soon as arrived inside.

He was waiting at the castle for his friends, who were buying supplies for a little party.

For a second I thought about joining them and turning it into something else but then I decided to go with the safer option.

I offered the dude a way to make money while waiting for his pals.

He was a bit surprised by the proposition but eventually ended up at my apartment, letting his friends wait for him.

I gave him a nice ride and sent him away with loads of cash in his pocket.

I’m pretty sure he used it to go all out and have a pretty wild evening.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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