Czech Hunter 539

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I managed to find a new apartment to rent in the center of Prague, so I was aching to get a cutie in through the door.

As the weather was very sunny I decided to go hunting at a central water park near the big lake.

There were plenty of cute guys but none of them were on their own.

A young boy enjoying the big waterslide caught my eye.

I couldn’t believe he was there all by himself, such a cutie… We started chatting and I invited him for a drink.

It was difficult to stay calm; his lean body was so wet, and his bulging undies were so sexy…

I didn’t wait for too long and made him an offer.

He hesitated for a moment but eventually, I got what I wanted.

This dude was greedy and definitely willing to experiment.

My cock scared him a lot, but I was gentle and caring.

You have to be careful with delicate young men like this.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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