Dean Rogers, Alex Killian

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In a quiet corner of Fist Club Alex Killian wanders in where Dean Rogers is wanking his huge pierced dick.

Leather-clad Dean Rogers twists his nipples as Alex places the nipple clamps on tightly.

After rubbing Dean’s cock through his jockstrap, Alex gets invited over to wrap his lips around Dean’s huge thick cock.

With his moist tongue, Alex makes his way from Dean’s cock all the way to his nipples, and then to his ass, preparing it for the intense stretching it’s about to endure.

When Dean is ready for more, Alex takes his time working his thick fist into Dean’s tight hole.

It’s a tight fit, but Dean bears down and opens up to get Alex’s hand completely inside him.

Once it’s in, Dean shows what his hole can do, riding Alex’s hand while he jerks his cock.

Ending up on his back, Dean faps his pierced cock while getting his hole fist-fucked until thick ropes of warm cum cover Dean’s stomach.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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