Alex Mecum, Austin Wolf

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Trust-fund millionaire Austin Wolf

With the love of his life at home, trust-fund millionaire, Austin Wolf runs off to share a fantasy with his favorite escort, Alex Mecum.

The pair meets up in a seedy motel and from the start, they can barely keep their hands off each other. Austin pulls down his pants and Alex immediately attaches his mouth to his John’s dick.

Alex’s hunger for cock keeps him sucking a steady pace to get Austin’s girthy pole throbbing hard and ready for more. ‘Show me that ass,’ Austin whispers between gasps of air from his amazing blowjob.

Alex does as he’s told and hops on the bed to spread his cheeks wide. Austin likes what he sees and gets on his knees to rim the sweet, smooth hole in front of him.

After getting it to pucker and open up by rubbing his face and beard all over it, Alex is ready to fuck. As a surprise, Alex pulls out a pair of handcuffs that Austin uses to gently cuff Alex’s hands behind his back.

He bends Alex over the bed and rams his thick cock deep into Alex as they both groan from the sheer pleasure of it all. Austin pumps away, slamming Alex’s fuck hole with one foot on his head and the other on the floor ‘Use me!’ Alex screams as Austin continues the relentless reaming.

Austin senses that Alex is ready to blow and they both lie back on the bed to shoot their loads all over themselves.

Out of breath and fully satisfied, Austin reluctantly leaves his hot and happy lover at the motel with a kiss and a promise to do the same thing next week.

Alex agrees, but not everything is as innocent as it seems. Alex passes off a video of their encounter with a dubious character after Austin leaves.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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