Zach Stevens, George Antoine

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My next patient was one of our foreign exchange students from France. He was complaining of abdominal pains after indulging in cafeteria mashed potatoes.

I figured it was a simple visit but as the patient undressed I knew that this sexy underwear wearing guy was probably open for more than just a tummy exam and Pepto.

After taking his height and weight I thought I’d cross the line by checking his temperature rectally. It didn’t seem to bother him so I went in with the thermometer. When he flipped over I noticed his crotch bulge got even tighter.

When I removed his underwear he was looking mighty thick and ready for a hot mouth to comfort his discomfort. As I sucked his rock hard cock I could feel his hands wondering.

I knew he would be open to a little more fun. I guided him as he inserted my dick in his mouth.

He sucked dick pretty good for a first-time curious guy. We 69ed for a bit and busted our loads in good old fashioned circle jerk style.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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