Dante Martin, Darin Silvers

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While taking a study break, Dante Martin gets a little too comfortable in the shared office space he splits with roomie Darin Silvers, and as Darin comes around the corner to ask Dante a question, he can’t help but catch an eyeful of Dante’s goods.

An awkward moment is made even more uncomfortable as Dante tries to play it off, but Darin doesn’t let it go, and to Dante’s surprise, he asks him if he needs any help.

Dante shrugs it off but Darin persists, and as Dante feels Darin’s presence sliding up behind him to kiss his neck, he realizes that maybe he spoke too soon.

After sucking each other off, Darin lifts Dante onto the desk and fucks him in every position Dante wants, pounding him with his hard cock as Dante takes every inch willingly, then busting his nut all over his roommate in a messy christening of their newfound secret.

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Gay Porn Star Danny Storm
Gay Porn Star Danny Storm
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